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Coming to a new country can be hard and lonely, especially when you are far from family and friends. Global Cafe is offering a "Adopt a Student scheme". Please note that places available depends on the number of host families we get.

For Hosting

The "Adopt A Student" scheme means committing to invite between 2 -3 students to your home or trips throughout the year. We ask a minimum of two meet-ups a term with a meet-up at Christmas and Easter. 

If you are interested in hosting or adopting a student for the year and would like further details please contact us below...

Hosting Expectations

Please be aware of any student's dietary requirements - this may sometimes be for cultural or religious reasons. We recommend giving the students homecooked British food to give a taste of British culture.

We aim to have two or three students together being hosted at any one time. This is to ensure that students feel as comfortable as possible.

Please be sensitive to students' interactions with the opposite sex. Some come from more conservative cultures and may not be able to shake hands, for example. 

We will follow up from the initial meeting to ensure everything went okay. Please let us know if students are not making their commitments.

For Students

This scheme is for students interested in meeting up with a host family throughout the year, to have meals every so often and being invited to a British home.

If you are interested in being adopted for a year by a host family please contact us below with your name, gender and country.

Student Expectations


Being part of this scheme means being committed to your host family.  We plan for there to be a minimum of two meetings per term and one during the Christmas and Easter breaks. The scheme starts in October and ends at the end of the Easter holidays.

We always aim for you to be with other students so you may have fun together.

Gifts are not necessary to bring to your hosts but they are often appreciated.

If you and your host agree on a place, time and date, please honour that commitment. We understand that deadlines or emergencies happen but do be aware that your host has generously prepared for your arrival. Food has been bought and cooked and plans made with you in mind. Cancelling plans last minute can be considered offensive to hosts. 

However, please let us know if a host does make you feel uncomfortable. We will follow up on your initial meeting to make sure everything went well.

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