Gettting Involved

If you are from a local Church and love International Students, we need you! 


Here are some of the way you can get involved...


(We also have the "Adopt A Student" scheme)

Become a team member!

Wednesdays and Friday evenings are from 7:30pm-9:30pm for students but we ask team members to come an hour early to help set up, pray and be briefed on what will happen that evening.

We have a Wednesday team and a Friday team, which one would suit you?

We ask that team members be regularly available so that relationships can be built up with the students. If you want to give it a go, before deciding to fully commit, that's fine!

How to serve

We have team members who are local students all the way up to those recently retired, so we're sure you can fit right in!

Ways to serve:

-Are you good at cooking? Can you help us cook for our evening events? Can you teach a few students how to cook and prepare certain meals?

-Are you social? Are you great at making people feel comfortable or engaging in conversations? Many students love talking to local people, to practice their English, to make new friends and to have people genuinely care about them!

-Would you be willing to meet up with a student and buy them a coffee and see how they're doing? Students often open up on a more personal basis if they are struggling or need extra support.

Outside the team: financial giving 

Perhaps a regular commitment is something you are unable to do. There are still ways to be involved:

-If you would like to support a Friday or Wednesday evening (paying for the costs towards it) then please contact Fiona below:

Outside the team: Cooking

Another way to serve is either helping to cook for us (with perhaps a few of your church friends)for one of our events. This could be once a term, behind the scenes and a great way to give British hospitality.